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Do you need additional staff ?

Staffing companies are companies that specialize in temporary staffing. 

Most document review projects are managed by a law firm working for the company. 
For large document reviews, the managing law firm  hires "contract attorneys" from staffing companies to help with the review.  These contract attorneys are hired on a 'contract basis' for the specific job.  

Two things to keep in mind when looking for staff to help with a review:

1. Specialists:
Firms are receiving more and more documents pertaining to a specialized area. Today some document reviews may need to be conducted by people with a very specific knowledge-base (ie. nurses, engineers, chemists, marine biologists, etc.)  Lining up these types of specialists before a big review starts will save alot of time and money down the road.

2. Foreign Languages:
Reviewers who speak a foreign language are also in demand these days.  It makes much more sense to have native speakers reviewing documents from the outset, then to have all the documents translated into English and then reviewed.


Contract Attorneys.