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Your database options.

Most document reviews today are done on a database maintained by the law firm, a database vendor, or a document review company.  The options here are varied and need some attention in order to get the best system tailored to your individual needs. 
Some considerations include:
  1.  Do you want the system on your server ?
  2.  Does the system have to be accessible to alot of people?
  3.  How much storage do you need?
  4.  What types of features do you need?
  5.  Do you have one person to designate to monitor this system?
  6.  Are you going to need outside reviewers to use the system?
  7.  Are you able to provide training to the reviewers?
  8.  Is this a long term investment?
  9.  How much do you anticipate using this system?
10.  Is the system going to be mainly for storage or for review?

There are many database options today.  This can be a very efficient storage and review tool if managed properly.