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What they say about us.

"Their ability to manage entire document review projects is first rate and sets them well apart from typical contract attorney options.  I could not recommend them more highly."
Jim Southwick, Susman Godfrey 

"Having worked with the founder of DocumentReviewers.com on a number of large, complex antitrust matters, I would not hesitate to use their document review services in commercial litigation matters.  I could rest assured that documents would be reviewed/produced on time, and that critical documents and issues would receive the appropriate treatment."
Seth Goldberg, Duane Morris

"Their ability to conduct an extensive document review project around your issues is astounding.  Everyone wants things done yesterday and DocumentReviewers delivers that with their outstanding service."
Glenn Mitchell, Stein Mitchell & Mezines

"The founder of DocumentReviewers brings fresh ideas to the table.  They provide invaluable assistance in a timely and well-thought out manner."
Anthony Fazzone, Spectrum Consulting

"The founder of DocumentReviewers is a gem.  She has tackled some of the most complex problems in complex commercial litigation and organized extensive document reviews around those issues.  She is brilliant."
Michael Hausfeld, Cohen Milstein Hausfeld & Toll

"I have worked with (the founder of Document Reviewers) since 1998.  She is an asset to any trial team and offers the finest in litigation support in the industry."
William Isaacson, Boies Schiller & Flexner 

"Using the team at DocumentReviewers is a strategic advantage in litigation." 
Steve Kanner, Much Schelist

What people are saying about us.