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Document Review. That's what we do.

Documents to review?  You have come to the right place.  We have reviewed documents from boxes, file drawers, cd's and databases.  Over the years we have found that there are certain types of people who make good, albeit great, reviewers.  We like to say "we train juries to review documents".  And this produces a great result.  We narrow the stack to just what you need.

Should your company try an on-line repository?

The technology has come so far since documents were first converted from paper to cd's.  By creating a web based repository a company can maintain control of a project while a review is underway.  With the appropriate level of management an on-line system far surpasses anything else out there.  There are many options today to choose from.  And the costs have come way down.  Many programs do not charge a licensing fee and most are very user-friendly.  The review times have been cut down considerably due to ease of use.


Do the reviewers need to be attorneys?

This continues to be a confusing question for most companies?  Here, at DocumentReviewers we believe that most reviews can be successfully (and cost effectively) done by non-attorneys.  When the documents require legal analysis, then attorneys can be brought in to review those documents.   The process can run very smoothly if non-attorneys review the documents to whittle down the production to just what the attoneys need to look at. 


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Document Review.
That's all we do.

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